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Where is the bottom?

Published 7 months ago by Crypto Trade News Admin

This is the most asked question in every chat. No one can predict the bottom now. It is important to understand that bitcoin is stuck in the most important lows, where the interests of all market players are concentrated.

At the same time, there is no one who want to sell bitcoin. Sell only ​​those people who have nothing cash for  live. There are no volumes - no reversal. Looking for a bottom? Understand that even for those who don't know TA, it would be difficult to miss it. You will notice a significant increase in volumes on your favourite exchange. You will also notice a lot of powerful news, which will give us very strong fundamental basis. These news should come to the masses, they should be heard by everyone. Even by those people, who haven't hear about crypto world never. But how to do that?

Yesterday, Facebook updated the policy, allowing advertising promoting the crypto currency and related content. And now think about it, Facebook (together with its Instagram) is more than 2.7 billion active users. It's a lot. If you see how a dozen people on the street gaze in one direction, you will look there too, right? This is the effect of joint attention - we look where others look. And social networks are very good at managing our care. This can be said endlessly

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