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Stellar (XLM) Partnership With IBM Backed By Australian Gov

Published 7 months ago by Crypto Trade News Admin

Stellar Teaming Up

Open-source, distributed payments infrastructure Stellar (XLM) is aiming to surpass 3rd largest coin as it teams up with Keybase to improve cross-border transactions. Stellar has revealed that it is working with Keybase, a free security app for mobile phones and computers, to boost cross-border transactions. This is something that Ripple offers through its RippleNet blockchain platform that has over 100 member banks and financial institutions.

However, unlike Ripple, which is a for-profit enterprise, Stellar functions as a nonprofit organisation. Not only that, but while Ripple is considered to operate in a centralised fashion Stellar has taken a more decentralised approach.

Its list of partners is rich as no-other. One of Stellar’s strategic team-up, IBM has been awarded a contract by the Aussie government worth $750 mil. This is a move meant to transform Australia to an e-government using the blockchain technology.

If everything goes by plan, it will rank the nation as one of the leading e-governments to implement blockchain. Accordingly, quantum computing and AI will be set to high priority too.

On top of the cake, the Aussie gov plans to use Stellar’s block-tech to deliver social security welfare while being supported by IBM. Without doubt all the above will raise the token demand and increase the price many times. So keep an eye open for Stellar Lumens XLM as its success is looking very solid.

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