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HPB Project Progress Report

Published 7 months ago by Crypto Trade News Admin

Hardware acceleration part progress:

• BOE board: The PCB Layout design has been completed and will be put into production .

• The overall logic design of BOE has been completed. This month, the team will optimize the key modules design, including ECC acceleration and network concurrent processing, etc.

• The team has completed several tests for the BOE hardware acceleration engine, including heterogeneous system performance testing (ARM+BOE, x86+BOE, ARM+x86+BOE, etc.)

• The hardware testing of the testnet system has been completed. The ARM+BOE node runs normally in the system and the ECC signature verification can reach 30,000/second.

TOKEN NAME :High Performance Blockchain (HPB)



Crunt Price          0.00047028 BTC

Market Cap:         13,969 BTC

Volume (24h):     986.29 BTC

Total Supply:       100,000,000 HPB



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