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  • ltc.png

    Google Lists ETH, LTC and BCH.

    6 months ago

    <p>Google Lists Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in their Currency Converter - the easiest way to convert currencies straight from the search bar.</p> <p>____

  • neo.png

    This is a NEO based DEX

    6 months ago

    <p>NEO&rsquo;s popularity and user base is expanding rapidly. So too are the projects on&nbsp;<a href="

  • bottom.jpg

    Where is the bottom?

    7 months ago

    <p>This is the most asked question in every chat. No one can predict the bottom now. It is important to understand that bitcoin is stuck in the most important lows, where the interests of all ma

  • xml.jpg

    Stellar (XLM) Partnership With IBM Backed By Australian Gov

    7 months ago

    <h3>Stellar Teaming Up</h3> <p>Open-source, distributed payments infrastructure Stellar (XLM) is aiming to surpass 3rd largest coin as it teams up with Keybase to improve cross-bo

  • red.jpg

    How to earn money while our market is red?

    7 months ago

    <p>The answer is quite simple - shorting BTC. Let&rsquo;s talk about this.<br /> Advantages and disadvantages in working on exchanges which offer marginal trading.&nbsp;</p>

  • trading(1).jpg

    Relief As Markets Start To Climb, Is This Correction Or The Start Of Something Bigger?

    7 months ago

    <p>Throughout the weekend, the markets have taken a significant tumble, a tumble that in turn has dragged the majority of cryptocurrencies right down to new 2-month lows. As a matter of fact, nu

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